PSC Interview

Kerala PSC is one of the biggest recruiting agency in Kerala for Government jobs. Kerala PSC conducting PSC exams and interviews regularly to recruit right people for the government jobs for various departments under Kerala Government. KPSC releasing the job notifications, examination schedule and Interview schedule at PSC website

PSC Shortlist

Kerala PSC shortlisting the candidates for the job vacancies based on the scores obtained in the PSC recruitment exam conducted by KPSC. The PSC Short List will be published in official web site of Kerala Public Service Commission.

10th Level Exam Short List | Bevco LD Clerk Shortlist | Exam Short List | HSST Shortlist | IRB Police Constable Shortlist | Junior Lab Assistant Shortlist 2023 | KAS Officer Strainee Short List 2021 | KAS Officer Trainee Short List | KAS Short List | Kerala PSC Fireman Trainee shortlist | Kerala PSC LDC Shortlist 2018 Kollam | Kerala PSC LGS District wise Short List | Kerala PSC LGS short list | Last Grade Servants Shortlist | LD Clerk Shortlist 2023 | LD Clerk Shortlst | LD Clerk Shortlst all Districts | LDC Shortlist Ernakulam | LDC Shortlist Idukki and Thrissur | LDC Shortlist Kannur | LDC Shortlist Kozhikode and Palakkad | LGS Shortlist Ernakulam | LGS Shortlist Kannur | LGS Shortlist Kottayam | LGS Shortlist Kozhikode | LGS Shortlist Malappuram | LGS Shortlist Palakkad | LP School Teacher Idukki Short List | LP School Teacher Kozhikode Short List | LP School Teacher Short list 2021 | LP School Teacher Short list Alappuzha | LP School Teacher Short list Ernakulam | LP School Teacher Short list Idukki | LP School Teacher Short list Kannur | LP School Teacher Short list Kollam | LP School Teacher Short list Kottayam | LP School Teacher Short list Kozhikode | LP School Teacher Short list Pathanamthitta | LP School Teacher Short list Thrissur | LP School Teacher Short list Wayanad | LP School Teacher Thrissur Short List | LPSA Short List Idukki District | LPSA Short List Kozhikode District | LPSA Short List Thrissur District | LSA Short list | Police Constable IRB Shortlist | PSC Assistant / Auditor shortlist | PSC Assistant Prison Officer Shortlist | PSC Beat Forest Officer Shortlist | PSC Beat forest Officer Shortlist Ernakulam | PSC Beat Forest Officer Shortlist Kottayam | PSC Beat Forest Officer shortlist Thrissur | PSC Beverages LDC Shortlist | PSC Cil Excise Officer Shortlist Kollam and Kozhikode | PSC Civil Excise Officer Shortlist | PSC Civil Excise Officer Shortlist Kozhikode and Wayanad | PSC Civil Excise Officer Shortlist Thrissur | PSC Civil Excise Officer Shortlist Trivandrum | PSC Company / corporation / boards Accountant shortlist | PSC Company / corporation / boards assistant shortlist | PSC Confidential assistant shortlist | PSC Degree Preliminary Shortlist | PSC DME Shortlist | PSC Exam Shortlist | PSC Excise driver shortlist | PSC Fire And Rescue Officer Driver Short list | PSC Fire And Rescue Officer Short list | PSC Fireman Short List | PSC Forest driver exam shortlist | PSC HSE Lab Assistant Shortlist | PSC HSE Shortlist | PSC HSST Shortlist | PSC Jail Driver shortlist | PSC Junior Accountant Shortlist | PSC Junior Assistant Shortlist | PSC KSFE Cashier/ Assistant Shortlist | PSC KSRTC Mechanic Shortlist | PSC Lab Assistant Shortlist | PSC Laboratory Technician Shortlist | PSC LDC Shortlist | PSC LDC Shortlist Kottayam | PSC LDC Shortlist Malappuram | PSC LDC Shortlist Trivandrum | PSC LGS Shortlist | PSC Lower Division Clerk Shortlist | PSC LP School Assistant Short list | PSC LP School Teacher Short list | PSC LPSA Short list 2021 | PSC Mechanic Grade 2 shortlist | PSC Plus Two Level Main Shortlist | PSC Police Constable Shortlist | PSC Secretariat Assisatnt Shortlist | PSC Short list | PSC Short list Idukki District | PSC Short list Kannur District | PSC Short list Malappuram District | PSC shortlist | PSC Staff Nurse Short List | PSC Store keeper shortlist | PSC Tenth Level Main Shortlist | PSC Typist Grade 2 Shortlist | PSC Typist Grade II Shortlist 2023 | PSC University Assistant Short List | PSC University Assistant Shortlist | PSC UP School Assistant Short list | PSC UP School Teacher Short list | PSC UPSA Short list 2021 | PSC UPST Short list 2021 | PSC VEO Short List | PSC VEO Short list Idukki | PSC VEO Short list Malappuram | PSC Village Extension Officer Short List | PSC village field assistant exam shortlist | PSC Village Field Assistant Short list 2023 | PSC Village Field Assistant Shortlist 2019 | UP School Teacher Kannur Short List | UP School Teacher Short list 2021 | UP School Teacher Short list Kannur | UP School Teacher Short lsit | UPSA Short list | UPSA Short List Kannur District | UPST Short list Kannur | VEO Short list 2021 | Village Extension Officer Idukki Short List | Village Extension Officer Malappuram Short List | Village Extension Officer Short list 2021 | Watcher Shortlist |

PSC Ranklist

PSC Ranklist id the list of candidates who are eligible to get the job based on the test conducted by KPSC. Kerala PSC preparing the PSC Rank List after the certificate verification from the shortlisted candidates.

Alappuzha District Ranklist | Ernakulam District Ranklist | Higher Secondary Teacher exam Ranklist | Idukki District Ranklist | Kasaragod district ranklist | Kerala Bsc Nursing LBS Ranklist | Kerala D.Pharm / Paramedical Rank List 2021 | Kerala LBS Nursing Rank List 2021 | Kerala Paramedical Allotment ranklist | Kerala Paramedical courses Rank List 2021 | Kerala PSC Ranklist | Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Exam rank list | Kerala PSC Staff Nurse Ranklist | Kozhikkode district ranklist | KPSC Last Grade Servants ranklist | Last Grade Servants Rank List 2022 | LBS D.Pharm Ranklist | LBS Nursing and Paramedical Ranklist | LBS Paramedical Diploma Ranklist | LD Clerk Rank list | LD Clerk Rank list 2022 | LD Clerk Ranklist all Districts | LDC Ranklist Palakkad | Lower division clerk rank list 2022 | PSC Armed Police Constable Ranklist | PSC Assistant salesman rank list | PSC bFO ranklist | PSC Civil Police Officer rank List | PSC Civil Supplies Salesman rank list | PSC Company Accountant Ranklist 2019 | PSC Computer Assistant Ranklist | PSC Driver LDV rank List | PSC Driver ranklist | PSC Drug Inspector Rank List | PSC Forest Watcher Ranklist | PSC HSE Lab Assistant Ranklist | PSC Lab Assistant Exam Ranklist | PSC Last Grade Ranklist | PSC Latest Rank List | PSC LD CLerk Rank list | PSC LDC Ranklist | PSC LGS Rank List | PSC Lower division clerk rank list | PSC LP School Assistant Rank List | PSC LP School Assistant Rank List list | PSC LPSA Ranklist | PSC Police Constable Driver Ranklist | PSC Police Constable Rank List | PSC Rank List | PSC Ranklist 2021 | PSC Ranklist 2022 | PSC Reserve Watcher Ranklist | PSC Sales Assistant Ranklist | PSC Secretariat Assistant Rank List | PSC Staff Nurse Alappuzha Ranklist | PSC Staff Nurse Ernakulam Ranklist | PSC Staff Nurse Idukki Ranklist | PSC Staff Nurse Kannur Ranklist | PSC Staff Nurse Kasaragod Ranklist | PSC Staff Nurse Kozhikkode Ranklist | PSC Staff Nurse Ranklist | PSC Staff Nurse Thrissur Ranklist | PSC UP School Assistant Rank list | PSC UPSA Ranklist | PSC Village Field Assistant Rank List | PSC Village Field Assistant Ranklist 2019 | Staff Nurse Gr 2 Ranklist | Staff Nurse Gr II Ranklist | Staff Nurse Pathanmthitta Ranklist | Staff Nurse Ranklist 2021 | Staff Nurse Ranklist 2023 | Staff Nurse Ranklist Alappuzha District | Staff Nurse Ranklist Ernakulam District | Staff Nurse Ranklist Idukki District | Staff Nurse Ranklist Kannur District | Staff Nurse Ranklist Kasaragod District | Staff Nurse Ranklist Kozhikkode District | Staff Nurse Ranklist Pathanmthitta | Staff Nurse Ranklist Thrissur District | Thrissur District Ranklist | UP School Teacher Rank list |

Kerala PSC Interview Schedule for each posts are available here:
Kerala PSC Interview Schedule