KAS 2020 Kerala - Syllabus, Exam Dates, Result

KAS 2020 Kerala : Kerala Administrative Service (KAS) is the civil service of Kerala state. KAS 2020 is the most popular...
KAS 2020

KAS 2020 Kerala : Kerala Administrative Service (KAS) is the civil service of Kerala state. KAS 2020 is the most popular Kerala civil service exam conducted by Kerala Public Service Commission to recruit candidates for various administrative posts.

Kerala Administrative Service Exam - KAS 2020

Kerala PSC (KPSC) has released the KAS 2020 Exam dates and syllabus of Kerala Administrative Services Exam 2020. The first-ever preliminary examination of KAS will be conducted on February 22, 2020 across 1,535 exam centres.

There are about four lakh candidates have submitted KAS 2020 application to Kerala PSC and confirmed for KAS 2020 Exam.

KAS 2020 Exam Subjects and Syllabus

KAS Preliminary Examination

Preliminary Examination is scheduled to be conducted in February 22- 2020. Preliminary test will be a screening test only. The Exam Paaer and syllabus

Kerala Administrative Service Paper 1


A.History (India and Kerala)

Ancient and Medieval Period
(i) Salient features and major landmarks of ancient and medieval
India (ii) Art, culture, literature and Architecutre (iii) Major
Dynasties, their administrative system, social, religious and
economic conditions prominent movements

Modern Period
(i) Modern Indian History (from the 18th century upto the present)
significant events, personalities and issues (ii) India – Struggle for
independence (iii) Social and religious reform movements in the 19
th and 20th century (iv) India after Independence, Post independent
consolidation and reorganisation (v) Independent India and her

Kerala History (from 18th century)
(i) Pre-Independence socio-political movements. Formation of
Kerala State, Political parties, movements, Governments,
Landmark legislations and policies.

B. History of the World (from mid 18 th century)
(i) Industrial revolution (ii) World wars (iii) Redrawal of National
boundaries (iv) Colonialisation and decolonialisation,
(v) Globalisation (vi) Communism, Capitalism, Socialism – their
forms and effects in society.

C. Cultural Heritage of Kerala

1) Cultural Heritage of Kerala Art Forms, literature, sculpture,
architecture, salient features of society 2) Kerala Tribal culture,
Pilgrimage, Tourist places, Folk Culture, Cinema, Theatre
3) History and revolution of Malayalam language and literature.

D. Indian Constitution, Public Administration, Political System,
Governance, Social Justice and International Relations

E. Reasoning, Mental Ability & Simple Arithmetic
(1) Logical Reasoning and Analytical Ability,Number series,
Coding – Decoding, problems related to Relations, Shapes and
their sub- sections, Venn Diagram, problems based on Clock,
Calendar and Age, Simple Arithmetic.

F. Geography
1) General Geography: Solar system, Motion of Earth, Concept
of time, Seasons, Internal structure of the Earth, Major
Landforms and their features. Atmosphere – Structure and
Composition, elements and factors of Climate, Airmasses and
Fronts, atmospheric disturbances. Oceans: Physical, Chemical
and Biological characteriestics, Hydrological Disasters, Marine
and Continental Resources 2) Physical, Social, Economic
Geography of World, India and Kerala 3) Geophysical
phenomena like Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanoes, Cyclone,
Flood, Landslides.

KAS 2020 Kerala - Syllabus, Exam Dates, Result